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What motivates David Craig?

Family ties are strong in the foothills of Mount Rainier, where David paints and raises his two young daughters on a small farm in a land alive and beautiful. Enrolled Chippewa (Ojibwa), the Craig family travels throughout the Western United States enjoying Tribal gatherings, powwows, art shows, horseback riding, hiking, camping, and fishing in our open spaces.

New York

Born in 1970, David has followed the path of an artist since his first art class at the age of 9.
Graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in Washington State, David freelanced his talents to Universal Studios, Disney, The National Park Service and a host of others.

David has acquired phenomenal frame and matting skills that always complement the work within.

In 1994 David opened his own studio
The Four Winds Gallery” in Eatonville, WA. He now creates full time and explores his artistic path outside of watercolor as his mood dictates. Best known for watercolor, David is also skilled in mixed media, sculpting, hand-made native drums, acrylics, leatherwork, charcoal and pencil honoring his Native roots. He illustrations are in several books.

David weaves his work with spiritual and emotional threads that invites the viewer to become part of the story. Story telling is the beauty of his vision—touching the spirit of his subjects as well as his audience.

“Art has always been a haven where I could go and find love throughout my life.” David creates for the love of expression first and foremost. “Artists of all mediums throughout the world are blessed. "When we leave this plane, our spirits will remain in art form still touching the lives of others.” “No matter how high one stacks their wealth, we move camp with nothing physical.”

David finds inspiration in all the things the Creator has blessed us with.
Mita Kuye Oasin
David W. Craig

New York

New York