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David paints dramatic Native American art. His work encourages the viewer to become more aware of their own ecological and spiritual heritage.

   For the past thirty years, David has worked towards capturing the essence and beauty of the Native American people. He manages to weave the stories of a people from whom we still have much to learn. Story telling is the beauty of his vision. He captures life's emotions through his brush, touching the spirit of his subjects as well as his audience.

   We read and attend lectures, but are unable to build upon our inborn knowing beyond the awareness that it may be possible to access these skills and abilities.

   Enrolled Chippewa (Ojibwa) David is a featured artist in shows and Inter-Tribal Powwows throughout the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest and Hawaii. . . .(253) 985-0059


image in watercolor

The watercolor print gallery.
(Originals are available.) To order prints proceed to the gallery, select your print and follow PayPal instructions. If you wish to order via a check, after making your selection go to the contact page.

Prints vary in size, approx. 12"x16" and 16"x20"
Prices are $65.00 ea.

Enjoy your visit.

Drum Medicine

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This is the drum gallery. Hand made in the tradition of Native Americans using only materials from nature and decorated as the drum dictates. David will paint a drum of your totem at your request.

Drums are made between 15" and 18".
David uses deer, elk, horse and buffalo rawhide.
Prices will range between $300.00 and $500.00.

Where spirit moves me

rawhide sculpture

In this gallery you will find examples of mixed media, sculpting, acrylics, leatherwork, charcoals, book illustrations and handmade beadwork.

David finds inspiration in all the things with which the Creator has blessed us.

Contact the artist for information regarding commissioned requests.